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150ml Round Clear Glass Candle Votive Holders Set for Wedding Party Home Decor

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Hoshine Joy
Certification: LFGB; FDA
Model Number: HSJXYW20150
Minimum Order Quantity: 3000PCS
Price: 0.15-0.29
Packaging Details: Cartons
Delivery Time: 30-45days after confirmation
Payment Terms: TT; L/C at sight
Supply Ability: 50000PCS/Day
Detail Information
Features: Thick Glass, Sturdy Base Type: Votive Candle Holders
Country Of Origin: China Design: Ribbed
Material: Glass Occasion: Wedding, Party, Home Decor
Shape: Round Size: D7.6*H7.5cm
High Light:

150ml Candle Votive Holders


Home Decor Candle Votive Holders


Wedding Party Candle Votive Holders

Product Description

Product Description:

Discover the enchanting allure of our Crystal Glass Votive Candle Holders, an exquisite addition to any setting that craves a touch of elegance and warmth. Crafted from high-quality glass material, these votive candle holders are meticulously designed to radiate a soft, inviting glow, transforming any space into a serene retreat. With their transparent luster, these holders are an embodiment of purity and simplicity, allowing the natural beauty of candlelight to shine through unobstructed.

Each of these Tea Light Glass Votive Holders measures a versatile 7.6cm in diameter and 7.5cm in height, making them the perfect size to accommodate a variety of votive and tea light candles. Whether you're adorning a festive table, setting a romantic ambiance for a special dinner, or simply looking to add a touch of sophistication to your home decor, these holders are versatile enough to complement any occasion. The standard size ensures that these votive candle holders can be easily incorporated into your existing decor, allowing for seamless integration.

With their origins in China, these votive candle holders are a testament to the skillful artisanship and attention to detail that is characteristic of the region's time-honored glassmaking traditions. Each piece is crafted with the utmost care, ensuring a product that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of discerning customers who appreciate the intricate beauty of glassware.

The packaging of these Crystal Glass Votive Candle Holders is customized to provide not only protection but also a presentation that enhances the unboxing experience. Whether you are purchasing for personal use or as a thoughtful gift, the customized packaging ensures that the product arrives in pristine condition, while also making a strong impression at first glance. The attention to detail in the packaging reflects the overall quality and elegance of the product within.

As votive candle holders, these glass beauties serve a specific purpose – to cradle your candles and provide a secure, stable base while allowing the flame to burn brightly. The transparency of the glass ensures that the maximum amount of light is emitted, casting a warm and inviting glow in all directions. The reflective properties of the glass also enhance the effect, creating a mesmerizing dance of light that can soothe and captivate in equal measure.

Not only are these Tea Light Glass Votive Holders aesthetically pleasing, but they are also practical. They are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that they retain their sparkling clarity for years to come. The glass material is durable and resistant to heat, ensuring that these holders can withstand the warmth of candlelight without cracking or damage.

Our Crystal Glass Votive Candle Holders are more than just a decorative item; they are a versatile tool that can enhance mindfulness and relaxation. Lighting a candle within one of these holders can create a peaceful atmosphere, encouraging moments of reflection and calm in a busy world. They are perfect for yoga studios, meditation spaces, or any room in your home where peace and tranquility are desired.

In summary, these Tea Light Glass Votive Holders offer a blend of timeless elegance, quality craftsmanship, and practical functionality. Their crystal clear glass construction, ideal size, and customized packaging make them an exceptional choice for anyone looking to beautify their space or gift a touch of light and elegance to others. Experience the charm and sophistication that only our Crystal Glass Votive Candle Holders can provide, and let them illuminate your world with their gentle glow.



  • Product Name: Glass Votive Candle Holders
  • Packaging: Customized
  • Type: Votive Candle Holders
  • Design: Ribbed
  • Shape: Round
  • Size: D7.6*H7.5cm
  • Material: Clear Glass Candle Votive Holders
  • Style: Decorative Glass Votive Holders
  • Function: Glass Votive Candle Holders


When it comes to setting a mood or enhancing the ambiance of a space, the right lighting is crucial. The Hoshine Joy brand offers an exquisite addition to any decor with its Model Number HSJXYW20150 Mini Glass Votive Holders. Made with thick, transparent glass, these candle holders boast a sturdy base ensuring both durability and elegance. Whether for a cozy dinner at home or a grand wedding reception, these holders are versatile for various occasions and scenarios.

The Hoshine Joy Crystal Glass Votive Candle Holders, originating from China and holding certifications such as LFGB and FDA, are perfect for those who value safety and quality. With a minimum order quantity of 3000 pieces and a price range of $0.15-$0.29, they are an affordable luxury. These holders are meticulously packaged in cartons ensuring their safe arrival, and with a delivery time of 30-45 days after confirmation, planning for events becomes hassle-free.

Payment is convenient with options like TT and L/C at sight, and with a supply ability of 50,000 pieces per day, even large orders can be fulfilled with ease. The Decorative Glass Votive Holders are not just functional; they are a statement piece. Their transparent nature reflects and amplifies the candlelight, providing a warm, inviting glow to any room. They are perfect for intimate gatherings, where the flicker of candlelight can set a serene atmosphere.

These votive holders aren't limited to personal use. Event planners and restaurateurs can take advantage of the bulk order capacity to transform spaces. They can serve as central pieces for table settings or be strategically placed around a room to create a cohesive and inviting environment. The Hoshine Joy votive holders are also ideal for holiday celebrations, adding a touch of sophistication to seasonal decor.

The Type Votive Candle Holders, with their elegant design, are suitable for religious ceremonies, meditation spaces, and yoga studios, assisting in creating a peaceful sanctuary. Furthermore, they make for thoughtful and stylish gifts, perfect for housewarmings, weddings, anniversaries, or as a token of appreciation to hosts or clients.

With the Glass Material and Country Of Origin being China, these votive holders reflect a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetics. The Hoshine Joy brand provides not just a product but an experience, enhancing every occasion where light, beauty, and clarity are desired.



Brand Name: Hoshine Joy

Model Number: HSJXYW20150

Place of Origin: China

Certification: LFGB; FDA

Minimum Order Quantity: 3000PCS

Price: $0.15 - $0.29

Packaging Details: Cartons

Delivery Time: 30-45days after confirmation

Payment Terms: TT; L/C at sight

Supply Ability: 50000PCS/Day

Type: Votive Candle Holders

Material: Glass

Shape: Round

Occasion: Wedding, Party, Home Decor

Design: Ribbed

Discover the elegance of Hoshine Joy's Decorative Glass Votive Holders, perfect for creating a warm ambiance at any wedding, party, or as part of your home decor. Our Glass Votive Candle Holders are designed with a unique ribbed pattern, offering a touch of sophistication to your event or living space. For a softer glow, consider our Frosted Glass Votive Candle Holders, which diffuse light gently, adding a cozy atmosphere to your surroundings.


Support and Services:

Thank you for purchasing our Glass Votive Candle Holders. To ensure the best experience with your new product, we offer a range of technical support services. Our support services include comprehensive product information, troubleshooting guidance, and care instructions to maintain the longevity and beauty of your candle holders.

If you encounter any issues with your Glass Votive Candle Holders or have any questions regarding their use, we encourage you to refer to our detailed FAQ section, which provides answers to common questions and solutions to typical problems. Should you need more personalized assistance, our product experts are available to provide step-by-step guidance.

To ensure the safety and proper use of your candle holders, please adhere to the following guidelines: - Always place votive candles in a suitable holder before lighting. - Keep away from flammable materials and surfaces that may be damaged by heat. - Never leave a burning candle unattended. - Keep out of reach of children and pets.

For cleaning and maintenance, gently wipe the glass with a soft, damp cloth to remove any wax or residue. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or tools that may scratch the glass. For more detailed care instructions, please refer to the product manual.

We stand behind the quality of our Glass Votive Candle Holders and are committed to ensuring your satisfaction. For any further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team for help.



Q1: What brand are the Glass Votive Candle Holders and where are they made?

A1: The Glass Votive Candle Holders are by Hoshine Joy, and they are made in China.

Q2: What is the model number for the Glass Votive Candle Holders?

A2: The model number for the Glass Votive Candle Holders is HSJXYW20150.

Q3: Do the Glass Votive Candle Holders come with any certifications?

A3: Yes, the Glass Votive Candle Holders are certified by both LFGB and FDA.

Q4: What is the minimum order quantity for the Glass Votive Candle Holders and what are the price ranges?

A4: The minimum order quantity for the Glass Votive Candle Holders is 3000PCS, with price ranges between $0.15 and $0.29 per piece.

Q5: What are the payment terms and supply ability for the Glass Votive Candle Holders?

A5: The payment terms for the Glass Votive Candle Holders are TT or L/C at sight, and the supply ability is 50000PCS per day.

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