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Koi Fish Design Drinking Glasses Stackable Drinking Glasses Fish Shaped Glasses Drinking for Home Decor

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Hoshine Joy
Certification: LFGB; FDA
Model Number: HSJJLL28930
Minimum Order Quantity: 3000PCS
Price: USD0.23-1.03/PC
Packaging Details: Cartons
Delivery Time: 30-45days after confirmation
Payment Terms: TT; L/C at sight
Supply Ability: 30000PCS/Day
Detail Information
Size: D8.3*H32cm Technology: Hand Blown / Mouth Blown / Handmade
Product Name: Koi Fish Design Drinking Glasses Stackable Drinking Glasses Material: Glass
Color: Ocean Blue Feature: Easy Differentiation, Set Of 4
Capacity: From 210ml To 280ml

Product Description

Product Description:

Introducing our exquisite Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs, an essential addition to any kitchen or coffee lover's collection. These mugs are not just another drinkware item; they are a statement of elegance and functionality wrapped into one. Crafted with the utmost care, each glass boasts a crystal-clear color that allows you to appreciate the rich hues of your coffee, tea, or any beverage you prefer. The beauty of these mugs lies in their simplicity and their ability to enhance your drinking experience.

The Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs come in a generous 16-ounce capacity, ideal for those who enjoy a substantial amount of their favorite beverages. Whether it's a robust morning coffee, a soothing afternoon tea, or a refreshing cold drink, these mugs hold enough to satisfy your thirst while maintaining an optimal temperature for longer periods, thanks to the innovative double-wall design.

With a sturdy bottom diameter of 8.2cm, these mugs provide a balanced and stable base, reducing the risk of tipping and spills. This thoughtful design element ensures that your mug sits securely on any surface, from your breakfast nook to your office desk, allowing you to savor your drink without worry.

Our Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs are not just designed for occasional use; they are made to be enjoyed as part of your daily routine. The durable construction and classic design make them suitable for everyday use, seamlessly integrating into any table setting or occasion. Whether you're enjoying a solitary morning coffee or entertaining guests, these mugs are versatile enough to suit any situation.

The mugs' double-wall structure does more than just keep your drinks at the perfect temperature. It also provides insulation that keeps the outer glass cool to the touch, no matter how hot the contents. This means you can comfortably hold your mug without the need for a handle, giving the design a sleek and modern look that complements any décor. The double-wall feature also prevents condensation when enjoying colder beverages, making these mugs ideal for iced drinks.

For those who appreciate the aesthetics of beer presentation, the Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs can also serve as a Tall Footed Pilsner Glass. The clear glass showcases the color and carbonation of your pilsner perfectly, making it a versatile addition to your drinkware collection. The height of the mug allows for a generous head of foam, enhancing the visual appeal and taste of your favorite beer.

These mugs are not only beautiful but also practical. They are designed to withstand the demands of daily use and are easy to clean. You can safely place them in the dishwasher without worrying about damage, ensuring that they remain a staple in your daily routine for years to come.

In conclusion, our Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs are more than just cups; they are an experience. Their clear color, generous capacity, stable bottom, and temperature-retaining features make them ideal for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life. Whether used as an everyday coffee mug or a Tall Footed Pilsner Glass, they promise to deliver beauty, functionality, and enjoyment with every sip. Elevate your drinkware collection with these mugs and indulge in the pleasure of sipping your favorite beverages in style.

Koi Fish Design Drinking Glasses Stackable Drinking Glasses Fish Shaped Glasses Drinking for Home Decor 0


  • Product Name: Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs
  • Color: Ocean Blue
  • Technology: Hand Blown / Mouth Blown / Handmade
  • Feature:  Easy Differentiation: No more confusion or mix-ups! Each glass cup features a distinct part of a fish, allowing you and your guests to easily identify your own drink. Enjoy hassle-free socializing and eliminate the need for drink charms or additional labeling.
  • Capacity: from 210ml to 280ml
  • Suitable as Bourbon Glasses
  • Ideal for serving Old Fashioned Glasses for Whisky
  • Perfect to use as Lowball Glasses


The Hoshine Joy brand brings to the table an array of exquisite glass drinking cups, specifically designed to cater to a variety of occasions and scenarios. The model number HSJJLL28930 represents a line of premium glassware that seamlessly integrates into any setting, thanks to its origin from the renowned glass-manufacturing region of China. Each glass boasts a certification from LFGB and FDA, ensuring that every sip from these cups meets international health and safety standards.

With a minimum order quantity of 3000PCS and a competitive price range of USD0.23-1.03/PC, these glasses are an affordable luxury. Hoshine Joy’s efficient production line guarantees a steady supply ability of 30000PCS/Day, making it an ideal choice for both large scale events and intimate gatherings. Each order is carefully packaged in cartons, with a delivery time of 30-45days after confirmation, highlighting the brand's commitment to timely and secure delivery. The payment terms are flexible, accepting both TT and L/C at sight, catering to customer convenience.

The clear color of the glass cups ensures that they complement any table setting or decor, while the size, defined by its diameter and height, is perfect for a comfortable grip and adequate capacity. The technology behind these glasses—Hand Blown, Mouth Blown, and Handmade—speaks of a craftsmanship that combines tradition with elegance. The material is glass, specifically chosen for its clarity and purity, enhancing the visual appeal of the beverages it holds.

The base of each glass features a bottom diameter of 8.2cm, providing stability and a firm foundation, whether it stands on a bar counter or rests in the hands of a guest. The Tall Footed Pilsner Glass is an embodiment of sophistication, ideal for showcasing the effervescence and color of a classic pilsner. In contrast, the Solid Whiskey Glasses are a testament to the robust and hearty spirit of whiskey, with a design that allows for the perfect swirl to release its complex aromas. Lastly, the Highball Glasses are a versatile choice for mixed drinks, offering a sleek profile that's as suitable for casual brunches as it is for an upscale cocktail hour.

Whether it's a casual family dinner, a formal banquet, a bustling bar scene, or a quiet evening by the fireside, Hoshine Joy's glass drinking cups are the perfect companion for any beverage. Their solid design, versatile use, and elegant appearance make them a must-have in any glassware collection, promising to elevate the drinking experience with every use.



Brand Name: Hoshine Joy

Model Number: HSJJLL28930

Place of Origin: China

Certification: LFGB; FDA

Minimum Order Quantity: 3000PCS

Price: USD0.23-1.03/PC

Packaging Details: Cartons

Delivery Time: 30-45days after confirmation

Payment Terms: TT; L/C at sight

Supply Ability: 30000PCS/Day

Color: Ocean Blue

Material: Glass

Capacity: from 210ml to 280ml

Product Name: Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs

Technology: Hand Blown / Mouth Blown / Handmade

Introducing our exquisite Hoshine Joy reusable glass cups, the ultimate addition to your glassware collection. Perfect as lowball glasses or sophisticated bourbon glasses, these Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs are crafted with precision using hand blown, mouth blown, or handmade techniques, ensuring each piece is a work of art. With a generous from 210ml to 280ml capacity, these clear, durable glass cups are suitable for a variety of beverages and occasions. Elevate your drinking experience with Hoshine Joy's premium glass cups, available for customization with a minimum order of 3000PCS.


Support and Services:

Thank you for choosing our Glass Drinking Cups. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality products and customer service. If you encounter any issues or have any questions regarding your new glass cups, our dedicated technical support team is here to assist you. Our support services include:

- Product Information: Detailed information about the proper use, care, and maintenance of your glass drinking cups to ensure their longevity and preserve their quality.

- Troubleshooting Assistance: Help in resolving common issues you may face, such as cleaning tips, stain removal, and handling minor chips.

- Usage Tips: Best practices for using your glass cups safely in various environments, including temperature considerations and handling guidelines.

- Warranty Support: Information regarding your product warranty, including how to make a claim if you experience a defect covered under our warranty policy.

- Replacement Parts: Assistance in obtaining any necessary replacement parts as per the terms of your product warranty or purchase agreement.

We are dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction with our glass drinking cups and are here to support you every step of the way. Enjoy your new purchase with the peace of mind that our technical support and services team is ready to help when you need it.



Q1: What brand are the Glass Drinking Cups and where are they made?

A1: The Glass Drinking Cups are from the Hoshine Joy brand, and they are manufactured in China.

Q2: What certifications do Hoshine Joy Glass Drinking Cups have?

A2: Hoshine Joy Glass Drinking Cups are certified by LFGB and FDA, ensuring they meet safety and quality standards.

Q3: What is the minimum order quantity for the Hoshine Joy Glass Drinking Cups?

A3: The minimum order quantity for these cups is 3000PCS.

Q4: How are the Glass Drinking Cups from Hoshine Joy priced?

A4: The price range for the Hoshine Joy Glass Drinking Cups is from USD0.23 to USD1.03 per piece.

Q5: What are the packaging and delivery details for an order of Hoshine Joy Glass Drinking Cups?

A5: The Glass Drinking Cups are packaged in cartons, and the delivery time is 30-45 days after order confirmation.

Q6: What are the payment terms for purchasing Hoshine Joy Glass Drinking Cups?

A6: The payment terms are TT (Telegraphic Transfer) or L/C at sight (Letter of Credit at sight).

Q7: What is the supply ability of Hoshine Joy for their Glass Drinking Cups?

A7: Hoshine Joy can supply up to 30000PCS of Glass Drinking Cups per day.

Contact Details

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