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Embossed Big Base Vase Crystal Glass Vase Hydroponic Green Plant Vase Dining Table Centerpieces Home Decor Office Party

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Hoshine Joy
Certification: LFGB; FDA
Model Number: HSJ41GDLX18
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000PCS
Price: USD0.99/PC
Packaging Details: Cartons
Delivery Time: 30-45days after confirmation
Payment Terms: TT;L/C at sight
Supply Ability: 10000 PCS/Day
Detail Information
Occasion: Home, Office, Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Office Usage: Holding Flowers
Style: Modern / Crystal / Embossed Color: Transparent
Function: Decorative Size: D10.5*H18cm
Material: Glass

Product Description

Product Description:

Enhance the elegance of your living space with our exquisite Elegant Glass Vase, a perfect combination of form and function designed to suit any contemporary home. This decorative piece serves as a sophisticated vessel for holding flowers and adding a touch of class to your decor. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this vase is not only a holder for beautiful blooms but also a standalone decorative element that complements the aesthetic of modern interiors.

Our crystal glass vases are perfect for small bouquet, tulips, roses, hydrangea, peony, greenery, lucky bamboo, etc. You can choose and match them into different combinations according to the scene, style and mood, enjoying the beauty of nature at home.

The beauty of this Crystal Glass Vase lies in its simplicity and the clarity of its material. Made from high-quality, transparent glass, this vase allows the natural beauty of your floral arrangements to shine through. The transparent nature of the vase ensures that it can harmoniously blend with any color scheme, making it a versatile choice for various occasions and settings.

As a Modern Glass Vase, it boasts clean lines and a minimalist design that is both timeless and current. Its transparent glass construction exudes a light and airy feel, which can make spaces appear larger and more open. Whether placed on a dining table, a mantelpiece, or a windowsill, this vase is sure to capture attention and spark conversation.

These flower vases are made of premium glass; glass is a durable and long-lasting choice that will ensure your vase remains a part of your home decor for years to come. The heavy base and thick wall ensure you stability and longevity, so that your floral arrangement will not easily fall from the table.Easy to clean and maintain, the smooth surface of the vase resists scratches and stains, allowing it to retain its luminous quality over time.

The versatility of this vase is one of its most attractive features. It can be used in formal events to add a touch of sophistication or in a casual setting to create a relaxed atmosphere. It’s perfect for bringing out the vibrant colors of fresh-cut flowers or for showcasing the intricate patterns of dry or artificial blooms. Regardless of the contents it holds, this vase is sure to enhance the overall appeal of your space.

Our Elegant Glass Vase is more than just a container for flowers. It is a statement piece that reflects your taste for fine things and your appreciation for beauty. Its contemporary design aligns seamlessly with modern decor trends, ensuring that your home stays at the forefront of style. This vase makes an excellent gift for housewarmings, weddings, or any special occasion where a touch of elegance is desired.

In summary, this Elegant Glass Vase is a versatile, functional, and stylish product that serves as a beautiful focal point in any room. Its crystal-clear glass material, combined with a sleek modern design, makes it a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their home's ambiance with a touch of sophistication. Whether used to display fresh, vibrant flowers or as a stand-alone piece, this vase is sure to impress and stand the test of time.

Embossed Big Base Vase Crystal Glass Vase Hydroponic Green Plant Vase Dining Table Centerpieces Home Decor Office Party 0Embossed Big Base Vase Crystal Glass Vase Hydroponic Green Plant Vase Dining Table Centerpieces Home Decor Office Party 1


  • Product Name: Glass Vase Decor
  • Usage: Holding Flowers/ Candles
  • Color: Transparent
  • Material: Glass
  • Style: Modern Crystal
  • Keywords:
    • Elegant Glass Vase
    • Decorative Glass Vase


The Hoshine Joy Elegant Glass Vase, with its model number HSJ41GDLX18, is a product of exquisite craftsmanship originating from China. This modern-style transparent glass vase is an embodiment of elegance and simplicity, designed to accentuate the beauty of its contents and its surroundings. With the LFGB and FDA certification, this glass vase ensures that it meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

With a minimum order quantity of 1000PCS and a competitive price of USD0.99 per piece, the Hoshine Joy Transparent Glass Vase is an accessible option for large-scale events and commercial needs. Packaged securely in cartons, each vase arrives in pristine condition, ready to enhance any space. Delivery is efficient, with a time frame of 30-45 days after confirmation, and payment can be conveniently made through TT or L/C at sight.

The Hoshine Joy Elegant Glass Vase is versatile in its usage; primarily used for holding flowers, it can transform any room, office, or event space. This vase is not just a container but a piece of decorative art. Its transparent glass material allows for a full display of the blooms within, making it an ideal choice for florists, wedding planners, and interior decorators. The supply ability of 10000 PCS/Day ensures that even the largest orders can be fulfilled without delay.

This vase is suited for a variety of occasions and scenarios. It can serve as a centerpiece for wedding receptions, bringing a touch of sophistication to the tables. It is also perfect for corporate events, where the need for a refined and professional atmosphere is paramount. In the home, the vase can be used to display fresh flowers or simply as a decorative object that complements modern decor. Furthermore, it makes a thoughtful gift for housewarmings, anniversaries, or as a token of appreciation to business clients and partners.

The Hoshine Joy Transparent Glass Vase is not just a product; it's a statement piece that speaks to the taste and elegance of its owner. Whether it's used to hold a vibrant bouquet or to stand alone as a sleek decorative element, this vase is sure to add a touch of sophistication to any setting.



Brand Name: Hoshine Joy

Model Number: HSJ41GDLX18

Place of Origin: China

Certification: LFGB; FDA

Minimum Order Quantity: 1000PCS

Price: USD0.99/PC

Packaging Details: Cartons

Delivery Time: 30-45days after confirmation

Payment Terms: TT; L/C at sight

Supply Ability: 10000 PCS/Day

Color: Transparent

Function: Decorative

Usage: Holding Flowers

Material: Glass

Discover our Transparent Glass Vase from Hoshine Joy, the perfect blend of elegance and functionality. With its classic Vintage Glass Vase appeal and modern Elegant Glass Vase design, it's ideal for any home or office decor. Crafted from high-quality glass, it's designed to showcase your floral arrangements beautifully.


Support and Services:

Thank you for purchasing the Glass Vase Decor. We are committed to providing you with high-quality products and exceptional service. For technical support, please refer to the following guidelines:

Product Care: Handle your Glass Vase Decor with care. It is made from delicate materials and should be cleaned with a soft cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or utensils that can scratch or damage the surface.

Usage Tips: To ensure longevity of your Glass Vase Decor, do not expose it to extreme temperatures. It is not dishwasher safe, and we recommend avoiding the use of harsh chemicals for cleaning.

Assembly Instructions: If your Glass Vase Decor requires assembly, please follow the step-by-step instructions included in the package. Ensure all parts fit securely together before use.

Troubleshooting: If you encounter any issues with your Glass Vase Decor, such as stability or fitting problems, please consult the troubleshooting section of the manual provided. Often, simple adjustments can resolve common issues.

Warranty Service: Your Glass Vase Decor comes with a one-year limited warranty covering manufacturing defects. If you believe your product has a defect, please refer to the warranty information in the package for service details.

For further assistance or inquiries about our products and services, please consult the FAQ section on our website or get in touch with our customer support team through the contact methods provided with your purchase. We strive to ensure your complete satisfaction with your Glass Vase Decor.



Q1: What brand is the Glass Vase Decor and where is it made?

A1: The Glass Vase Decor is by the brand Hoshine Joy, and it is made in China.

Q2: What certifications does the Hoshine Joy Glass Vase hold?

A2: The Hoshine Joy Glass Vase has certifications from LFGB and the FDA, ensuring its compliance with food safety standards.

Q3: What is the minimum order quantity for the HSJ model Glass Vase Decor?

A3: The minimum order quantity for the HSJ model Glass Vase Decor is 1000PCS.

Q4: How is the Glass Vase Decor packaged and what are the delivery times?

A4: The Glass Vase Decor is packaged in cartons, with delivery times ranging from 30-45 days after order confirmation.

Q5: What are the payment terms and price for each Hoshine Joy Glass Vase?

A5: The payment terms for the Hoshine Joy Glass Vase are TT or L/C at sight. The price per unit is USD0.99.

Q6: What is the daily supply ability for the Hoshine Joy Glass Vase Decor?

A6: Hoshine Joy can supply up to 10000 PCS of the Glass Vase Decor per day.

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